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At MindSea, we often hear that our clients feel that we’re all on one team—and this podcast is our opportunity to grow it. Backed by our firm belief in responsiveness and transparency, we are inviting industry experts and thought leaders to join our team to share stories, inspirations, challenges, and successes in driving meaningful change in digital healthcare.

You get lost in these [digital therapeutic] games so you can get extra. We already know from our own work that we’ve done that you’re getting statistically significantly more movement in the body… And then you think of it like your kids. They get addicted to these games. They become fun and you can do [your rehabilitation] in a shorter timeframe, and do much more.

Patricia Bradley, CEO of MindMaze

Our guest this episode was Patricia Bradley, CEO of MindMaze. Patricia is an innovative commercial executive leader with over 25 years of healthcare experience. Previously, she held senior leadership positions as a vice president of sales and marketing at Nova Nordisk, where she built a successful clinical education business unit from the ground up with over 300 employees that was recognized as best in class within the industry. Currently at MindMaze, she is leading a team of 50 that are working from all over the world.

Patricia joined Reuben Hall to discuss her work in digital therapeutics, neuroscience, and neuro-rehabilitation helping to improve the outcomes of patients with stroke, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, MS, and more. They also discussed the gamification of rehabilitation, using digital health products.

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“I’ve tuned into most digital health podcasts out there—and the problem is they’re usually all healthcare talk or all business. 

I love that this show dives into the above but with a product strategy focus. It’s clear Reuben @MindSea has a strong understanding of health tech products and UX, which completely elevates the conversation. Can’t wait to hear more.”

– ejtm15, Apple Podcasts

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MindSea CEO Reuben Hall is passionate about empowering patients to take control of their health and wellness with digital health solutions. Building on his design and user experience background, Reuben has worked with MindSea for almost 15 years to help plan, build and launch world-class digital health apps that deliver impactful outcomes for users.

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