Seasoned commercial health executive Ruby Gadelrab Tudor sat down with MindSea CEO Reuben Hall to discuss the working relationships between digital health companies and clinicians, as well as the knowledge deficits for healthcare startups in regulatory, legal, and clinical expertise. Ruby has over 20 years of experience in biotech, healthcare, and health tech industries, including extensive experience working with startups. She is currently the CEO and Co-founder of MDisrupt, who are building the world’s first platform for connecting clinicians and scientists with digital health companies. 

Early on, Ruby studied biology and genetics and spent the first ten years of her career commercializing life sciences tools in the UK and Europe. She later moved to work in Silicon Valley for early digital health companies such as NVT and 23andme. Working as a b2b advisor, she witnessed many digital health startups originating from outside of healthcare struggle to build and scale health products. MDisrupt was founded to connect such startups with experienced clinicians.  

“Clinicians, I think, can be the superpower or the secret sauce of many of these new digital health companies,” said Gadelrab Tudor, “If you find the right clinicians, and you give them a seat at the table and a voice in the process, it can save a company years of time and millions and millions of dollars.” 

Some of the biggest hurdles for digital healthcare startups, Ruby says, include creating viable solutions to clinical pain points and navigating a heavily regulated industry.  

“The level of evidence that needs to be generated for regulatory purposes and to make sure the solutions are safe and effective; the regulatory and data generation burden is pretty high. This is not something that you can just go and test and iterate in the market. This is something where you have to actually have done the studies.”  

In an industry focused on generated clinical outcomes, MDisrupt’s services help digital healthcare companies bring their solutions to market, and connect them to clinicians who want to collaborate with them to deliver high-quality healthcare solutions for consumers, patients, and providers. 

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