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For the seventh episode of Moving Digital Health, the new podcast from MindSea, CEO Reuben Hall talks with Scarlet Batchelor. Scarlet is a brand strategist and consultant in the wellness industry. Her experiences as an athlete, a leader, and a founder combine to form a unique and enlightening perspective on connected fitness and digital healthcare.

Scarlet first brought her marketing expertise to the fitness world when she signed on as a Product Manager at New Balance in 2009, but her background in athletics and wellness extends much further back. She shares how her experience as an athlete and a member of a team drove her to seek out similar camaraderie in her professional life. Her desire for challenge and her appreciation for community in fitness motivated her to launch her own app-based fitness platform, Coeo Fitness, in 2017.

Following her experience in the startup world, Scarlet realized that she especially enjoys working as part of a team. Though she doesn’t necessarily believe in “balance” as a priority, she does have a few important requirements for her career, two of which are that it supports her passions and that it keeps her stimulated. It was actually through her passion for rowing that she came to her role as the Vice President of Brand Experience at Hydrow—she first connected with the company as a beta tester.

Scarlet relates how she reached out to contacts at Hydrow and how her willingness to make connections and to be “a happy troll” on social platforms ultimately earned her the VP role. She acknowledges that during her previous professional stint in the corporate world, imposter syndrome may well have prevented her from networking as she did in this case. Fortunately, though, her experience as an entrepreneur had helped her embrace a growth mindset and combat the unrealistic expectations and insecurities that hold so many women back in business, and she was prepared to make the most of connections.

Scarlet shares further takeaways from her time as an entrepreneur as well. She and Reuben discuss leadership, the joys inherent in assembling an excellent team, and the importance of understanding one’s own expertise. Scarlet illustrates the value of learning from others’ experiences and how a lack of exposure to people coping with similar challenges can make for a lonely and uncertain path. Recognizing this, Scarlett has recently launched a new podcast, Brand New Women, which creates space for women in marketing and business to share their stories. She gives us a preview of upcoming interviews.

Scarlett’s insight on connected fitness and wellness is informed by her background as an executive, a founder, and an athlete. We thank her for joining us to share her expertise and wisdom, and we hope you’ll enjoy her episode of Moving Digital Health.

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