The Moving Digital Health Podcast, Episode 1: Alexis Moses of FCB Health

Moving Digital Health

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In this debut episode of our new podcast, Moving Digital Health, MindSea CEO Reuben Hall spoke with Alexis Moses of FCB Health. As Senior Creative Engineer, Alexis applies his nearly 10-year history of working with emerging technologies to create deeply engaging user experiences for his clients’ patients.

Alexis shared a few of the exciting projects his FCB team currently has in the works, such as implementing conversational design to create guided but natural-feeling user experiences. He discussed the flexibility that can be designed into conversational UI to meet diverse user needs and illuminated the vital importance of this work—the critical role interactivity plays in patient education.

He also gave us a glimpse into the inner workings of his team: why they begin creating prototypes as early as the brainstorming stage, why they partner with their clients in a collaborative templating process, and why it’s so important for patients and engineering teams to be closely connected.

It was fascinating to hear how Alexis draws on his experience as a creative technologist to delve into the potential which current, emerging, and even outdated technologies hold for healthcare. He and Reuben discussed challenges around tech adoption in the healthcare industry, key barriers preventing healthcare organizations from moving ahead with new technologies, and how his team at FCB handles these challenges for their clients.

A self-described geek, Alexis stays informed about leading and bleeding-edge technologies. He shared his favorite resources for industry developments as well as his top picks for promising innovations from the Propelify 2021 conference. He has a particular appreciation for technological applications designed to make life easier or provide healthier choices for consumers, which may help account for his transition from the non-profit sector to the pharmaceutical market.

Finally, Alexis shared the innovations that have him optimistic about the future of digital healthcare, and a timely reminder that it’s important for engineers to remember that pandemic measures are temporary.

Alexis’s clear passion for his work and his ability to find joy even while engineering solutions for suffering patients is inspirational. We thank Alexis for joining us to share his experience and his insight, and we hope you’ll enjoy this episode of Moving Digital Health.

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