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The Ultimate Guide to Digital Health App Design and Development

With no shortage of digital health apps, how do you create an app capable of standing out from the rest? As the digital health market continues its rapid growth, creating standout apps will increasingly depend on thoughtful strategy and human-centered design.

Based on MindSea’s Blueprint app strategy service, this eBook explores 5 pillars of quality digital health app design and development—from the brainstorming process to scalability considerations.

Download the eBook for these insights, plus:

  • A look at the current and projected digital health app market
  • Planning your app’s UX and user journey
  • What you can do to help ensure your app is regulatory compliant
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A Global Overview of the Regulatory Landscape for Digital Health Solutions

The tremendous digital acceleration prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the proliferation of technologies driving changes in how healthcare is accessed and delivered, with far-reaching effects for all stakeholders. Patient and provider alike can benefit from digital technologies, creating intense market competition, a surplus of digital health options, and resulting in new regulations to guide these technologies.

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Meeting Physician /Clinical Needs for Successful mHealth Apps

There are more digital health apps on the market than ever before – some for general health and wellness, others geared to treat or track specific therapeutic conditions. But the existence of more apps does not equal more overall usage. Nor does it mean all apps are created equal.

Apps offer a world of possibilities for healthcare: improved quality and speed of care, reduced costs, and ease of data collection for providers. Healthcare systems and their stakeholders are trying to keep up with digital health innovations designed to help streamline information and offer a more engaging experience to patients, doctors, and providers. But even as clinicians could benefit from apps to streamline everyday processes, digital health apps still come with the stigma of having real privacy issues and a lack of clinical evidence.

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5 Product Strategy Techniques Being Executed Well in Healthcare

Successful apps require more than just a great idea—a thoughtful product design strategy is critical to attracting your desired user base. But with so many design options, how do you maintain focus on your intended user? Grounding your process in a human-centered approach from brainstorm to prototype helps ensure your app is intentionally crafted, both for the problem it’s meant to solve and the users it intends to serve.

In this eBook we’ll examine the concept of human-centered design (HCD) and explore 5 key product strategy techniques to consider when planning your app.

Download the eBook to learn:

  • How long does it take to design and build an iOS app?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Who will manage the project and scope?
  • Which features should stand out?
  • How can we keep users engaged with the app?

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