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Moving Digital Health

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In this second episode of Moving Digital Health, the new podcast from MindSea, CEO Reuben Hall talks with Chris Cullmann of RevHealth. Chris is the Executive Vice President and General Manager at RevHealth, where he leverages his more than 20 years of experience as a digital strategist to help clients reach and educate physicians and patients exploring therapy options.

Chris shares the elements of RevHealth’s current projects that have him most excited—in particular, the data perspective. He delves into the progress and recent breakthroughs he’s seen in the healthcare market and points out the role COVID has played in accelerating usage of data and nonpersonal communication. He also illuminates the unique nature of healthcare marketing: that end users, or patients, are generally not the decision-makers when it comes to selecting therapies, as that responsibility typically lies with the physician.

Through the lens of his marketing expertise, Chris enumerates the mediums and techniques he sees working best explains the critical role of storytelling in patient communications. He highlights the importance of creating a narrative that can meet each user in their journey, and he how privacy restrictions have impacted marketers’ ability to reach patient populations.

The rapidly evolving landscape of data and privacy regulations is, of course, fundamental to any discussion of digital marketing. Chris discusses challenges around patient perceptions of data sharing. He highlights the critical difference between individual data and data regarding an individual’s membership in a particular group, and makes the case that a lack of context may be a primary barrier to data sharing for many consumers.

Chris and Reuben consider the future of data usage, anticipating several thorny questions that will need to be answered as progress marches on. In addition to the difficult decisions that will need to be made, Chris also offers a picture of vast potential payoff. He makes the case for data philanthropy and for physicians’ ability to encourage it and illustrates several ways in which data, leveraged effectively, could advance medicine. He also puts forth a few viable value propositions which, aside from pure generosity, might motivate consumers to trade their data.

Chris’s passion for the subject is clear, and his ability to articulate complex problems and solutions in engaging terms is not to be missed. We thank Chris for joining us to share his experience and his insight, and we hope you’ll enjoy his episode of Moving Digital Health.

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