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We turn digital health ideas into meaningful solutions

Empathy. The best mHealth apps are designed with it, addressing real needs to make a real difference. At MindSea, our design team takes a user-first approach to create intuitive and engaging digital health experiences. Together, let’s be difference-makers.

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Guided by experience

We recognize that new health technology products are coming to market every day to meet growing demand and expanding healthcare systems. Fortunately, we are prepared to help.

Since 2009, we’ve been a mobile app design and development partner for organizations across the health and wellness industry. Using our experience and access to innovations, we guide health companies and startups to plan, design, and build digital solutions that improve people’s lives.


We helped bring a proprietary motion recognition technology to life by building an app that evaluates and shares patients’ exercise data with practitioners through a smartwatch.

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Your health tech partner

From the initial mobile app strategy and planning process, we’re here to guide you through a successful launch and beyond with continuous iterations and improvements. We pride ourselves on being the most responsive and transparent app development partner in digital healthcare.

Think big and do the little things right

Experts of digital health trends

We constantly research health and wellness trends and continually learn how to best create effective apps — from patient demographics to solving the biggest problems healthcare. We’re able to use our expertise to help health companies move beyond boilerplate solutions and instead, create integrated custom experiences that their users will engage with.

Advocates of user privacy

We understand the importance of creating secure and compliant apps. Not only is every team member trained on user privacy guidelines, it is also a vital part of our internal design and decision-making process for every project.

To uphold user privacy, we fully embrace encryption requirements and adhere to Canadian and global security regulations, such as:

Cost efficient

No matter the scope, we do everything we can to deliver exceptional app features while staying under budget. It’s why we collaborate with our clients on a blueprint – to uncover any obstacles and gain insights on potential UX and technology efficiencies prior to app build that will help de-risk the project and prevent additional hidden costs.

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