The MindSea Blueprint

A blueprint for a better app​

Our digital health solutions are built on a proven approach​

Prior to building any project, we partner with you to chart a distinct and effective launch strategy for iOS, Android, and React Native apps. We help identify your precise business goals and target users and map out every detail of design, development, and deployment to align with your strategy.



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App strategy

Rely on your product users as a guide to design your digital health app. We use real-world user data from app prototypes to validate your core design features and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Intuitive UX design

Leveraging our award-winning team of UX designers and developers to create a seamless user experience based on real-world scenarios.

Product roadmap

Establish your path to success by knowing all the technical specs, what your app will cost, and how long it will take to get to market.

What’s included in your blueprint?

Our 3-step blueprint process

Step 1

Comprehensive digital health strategy

We start with an intensive strategy workshop to identify your short and long-term business goals, using them to connect your audience’s needs to your product’s features.

Woman and a Man using a whiteboard and sticky notes during a strategy workshop

Step 2

Intuitive UX

Before a single line of code is written, our award-winning designers openly collaborate with you from pencil sketch to prototype, so you can keep development costs down.

Step 3

Product roadmap

With a final plan, you’ll have all the resources you need to develop a successful app, including a presentation deck for investors and stakeholders.

Women presenting a roadmap

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