Digital health expert Mohamad Kassem joined MindSea CEO Rueben Hall on the latest episode of Moving Digital Health to discuss his unique perspective on digital health innovation. Mohamad, the current International Senior Solutions Manager at Altera Digital Health, has a clinical background that allows him to better analyze and implement digital solutions with both the clinician and patient experience in mind. 

Having attended medical school in Egypt, Mohamad originally intended to pursue a career as an orthopedic surgeon. His path changed, however, when a family member told him about a recent experience in Arizona State University’s biomedical informatics program.  

Mohamad was intrigued with the concept, and his interest in technology and informatics grew during his internship at a large hospital.  

“I still recall how I used to take long walks to get an old patient reports or x-ray results,” he said. “Then, I had to go back to sign off on it and put it back in the box. You’d never believe how much paper there was, and it was all in dusty boxes. It looked like it was out of a movie.” 

Mohamed’s decision to pursue a Master’s degree in health informatics stemmed from this experience; he believes clinicians must be involved in the technological development process to create relevant and useful solutions.  

“After all, clinicians are also humans,” Mohamad said. “Not every available technology is always usable. That’s where human-centered design comes in.” 

Altera Digital Health empowers healthcare providers, military institutions, and governments with digital health solutions—in fact, over 40% of the Canadian population is covered by Altera’s products, which include electronic health records, health information, and exchange platforms. 

In this conversation, Mohamad shares how he approaches digital health innovation with a clinician’s mindset, solving usability issues to streamline workflow, address clinician pain points, and optimize healthcare operations.  

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