In this tenth episode of MindSea’s Moving Digital Health podcast, CEO Reuben Hall talks with Dr. Adrienne Leussa. Dr. Leussa is the Director of Ecosystem Partnerships at 54gene, a health technology platform company working to expand precision medicine. She also has her own podcast where she shares stories of innovative African biotech entrepreneurs along with her insights on the current and future states of digital health.

Dr. Leussa holds a PhD in biochemistry from Stellenbosch University. She has served as a university lecturer and managed an academic research laboratory.

Following her time in academia, Dr. Leussa returned to the business world. She first encountered 54gene as a client and now works on their business development team managing academic partnerships across the African continent.

In this episode, Dr. Leussa shares some important developments the 54gene team has accomplished since the company was founded in 2019. We learn about the progress from seed stage to Series B, the construction of a state-of-the-art private genomics lab, and the launch of the company’s diagnostics subsidiary, Seven River Labs. Looking ahead, she also shares some of the company’s initiatives currently underway.

By launching her own podcast, called Africa Biotech Conversations, Dr. Leussa is working to highlight under-recognized stories of African biotech entrepreneurs. She shares takeaways from a few recent episodes and her hopes that the podcast will help students going into the field to find their own path.

Dr. Leussa’s incredible personal accomplishments, professional background, and expertise make this a can’t-miss episode. We loved hearing her story and insight, and thank her for joining us!

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