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In the fifth episode of MindSea’s Moving Digital Health podcast, CEO Reuben Hall talks with Daniel Baldwin, the founder of Halifax VR and MARS VR Lab.

Daniel is an experienced software developer, project manager, and entrepreneur who fell hard for virtual reality (VR) technology. At Halifax VR, as Daniel spent thousands of hours guiding others through VR experiences, he realized how VR’s vast potential extends well beyond entertainment. He now brings his expertise to bear in pediatric rehabilitation: MARS VR Lab is currently leveraging VR technology to gamify the challenges of pediatric wheelchair training. Recently, Daniel handed off Halifax VR in order to devote more time to MARS.

As Daniel explains, learning to drive a motorized wheelchair is a demanding process: would-be wheelchair operators must develop a substantial set of skills and pass a rigorous test, often while contending with emotional challenges as well. This can be difficult not only for patients, but also for their families and the caregivers who help them through the process. Gamification allows for some welcome additions to the learning process, in the form of levity and enjoyment.

In this episode Daniel describes the journey of this idea from the brainstorm stage to fruition. The medical research trial process is new ground for Daniel and his co-founder, so he brings the fresh perspective of one who has recently navigated these waters. He details the key partnerships that the MARS crew have found pivotal to their success and illuminates the importance of having a champion in addition to the right team.  

The healthcare field is notoriously slow to adopt new technologies. Daniel shares his theory on the root causes of that resistance and why he thinks it’s justified, as well as his reasons for being optimistic about impending change. He and Reuben discuss the exciting new developments they’re each following and consider the future of digital health. 

Daniel’s passion for and commitment to his work are inspiring, and his perspective as a relative newcomer to the healthcare industry is eye-opening. We thank him for joining us to share his insight and his story, and we hope you’ll enjoy his episode of Moving Digital Health.

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