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In the third episode of Moving Digital Health, the new podcast from MindSea, CEO Reuben Hall talks with Mahshid Yassaei of Mahshid is a co-founder and the CEO of Tali, one of two digital healthcare companies she has founded in less than 10 years. She and her team at Tali have developed a cutting-edge software based on artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) that stands to benefit thousands of physicians and their patients.

Mahshid discusses her background in computer science, which was focused primarily on cryptography and data security, and how she and her co-founder made the decision to dedicate their combined expertise exclusively to healthcare (making Tali a true rarity). She elaborates on the stages of the company’s development: how answering a challenge from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) led to the founding of, how the COVID-19 pandemic created a pilot opportunity, and how the Tali team is approaching their game-changing work.

Much of the information physicians work with falls into the category of unstructured content, Mahshid explains. This poses a problem for prompt information retrieval, but the Tali team has a solution in the works. Mahshid explains how Tali proposes to save time for physicians at the point of care and how beneficial that can be for doctors and their patients alike. She delves into some potential use cases for technology like Tali and also expands on the challenges inherent in working on cutting-edge technology.

As an entrepreneur, Mahshid has transitioned from software developer to CEO and leader. She shares the learning processes she found effective as she progressed along this path, and she discusses the unique challenges she faced as a woman and a non-native English speaker in the tech space. She offers insight on how we might make our industry more inclusive and more inviting and in so doing, hopefully inspire more women to consider careers in tech.

Mahshid also shares her favorite sources for inspiration and learning in the health tech industry, as well as the exciting revolution she sees emerging in the digital health space in the next few years. Mahshid’s experience as a two-time business founder and as a software developer who became her own CEO lend fresh perspective to this discussion of digital healthcare. We thank her for sharing her story and her insight with us, and we hope you’ll enjoy her episode of Moving Digital Health.

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