Amy West, Head of U.S. Digital Transformation and Innovation at Novo Nordisk, joined CEO Rueben Hall on the latest episode of MindSea’s Moving Digital Health podcast to discuss her work improving patient outcomes with innovative health technology. 

Amy has worked in pharma for over 25 years, but actually began her career in direct response marketing. Through agency work she encountered pharma clients, and quickly realized how marketing concepts could be leveraged to optimize patient engagement. 

Now in her thirteenth year at Novo Nordisk, Amy works to connect exciting technological or scientific innovations to a real human connection with customers—ensuring that the solution genuinely improves patient outcomes and experiences.  

By considering healthcare as a consumer-focused marketplace, Amy finds that her team can gain a stronger understanding of the needs, wants, and problems people face on a daily basis. This inside-out approach helps the team better create real solutions that address root causes.  

One of the biggest problems Amy sees within the industry is limited or inconvenient access to care—creating frustrating and difficult-to-navigate healthcare systems that aren’t advantageous for patients. Her team frequently evaluates potential solutions to the issue, such as using telehealth technologies and smart home environments to put control back into patients’ hands. This type of progress has the potential to better engage patients with their health and deliver better health outcomes.  

We thank Amy for joining us for such a stimulating discussion and encourage you to listen to the episode learn more. Find the podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and subscribe to the MindSea newsletter to be notified about future episodes of Moving Digital Health

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