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In the fourth episode of Moving Digital Health, the new podcast from MindSea, CEO Reuben Hall talks with Dr. David Burns of Halterix. David holds a PhD in biomedical engineering and is currently in training, at the University of Toronto, to become an orthopedic surgeon-scientist. As if that weren’t enough, he is also the chairman of Halterix, the pioneering motion recognition company he founded.

It was during his surgical training, working with patients in a clinical setting, that David observed the make-or-break role patient adherence plays in the success of a prescribed physical therapy. He noticed that although patients’ efforts at home were critical to recovery, physicians were unable to get a complete picture of such efforts.

David describes the research and development process he went through creating technology to mitigate this problem. He realized that if he wanted to get the technology to the patients he believed it could help, the best way to do so would be to found a company—and so Halterix was born.

Taking any idea to market is a complicated process. When that market is healthcare, and when that idea makes use of artificial intelligence (AI), there are many additional challenges. David explains how regulatory requirements can vary depending on the level of human versus AI involvement in the decision-making process, and also illuminates further considerations unique to working with AI technologies.

As the company’s founder, David was the one to assemble the Halterix team. He shares how he went about recruiting for the necessary internal expertise, and he and Reuben discuss the Halterix team’s work with MindSea as well. David gives us a preview of what’s next for Halterix, as well as elaborating on other emerging technologies and their exciting potential applications.

David’s expertise in business, engineering, and orthopedic surgery makes him a fascinating source of information on innovation in the world of digital health. We thank him for joining us to share his insight and his story, and we hope you’ll enjoy his episode of Moving Digital Health.

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