Reinvent your mobile solution with an app redesign

Today’s digital products are more innovative, responsive and interconnected than ever before. Does your app meet the mark? Work with us to reimagine a mobile solution that challenges the competition, better serves your users, and improves your customers’ experience across their devices.

Why redesign your app?

When it comes to your mobile app, it’s important to stay on top of evolving market trends, growing technology, and changing consumer demands. Sometimes, however, you may not know what to look out for and how to apply those insights to your app. 

Here are the most common reasons companies reach out to begin an app redesign:

You have an existing app and your users have become disengaged.
Your app may have been on the market for some time now and you’re seeing declining engagement and frequent churn. Before you make any sudden or dramatic changes, you need an analysis of the industry and what your users are telling you they want so that you can tackle your re-launch from a position of strength.

You have an existing prototype and are not sure where to go next with it
If your mobile app has been in progress for a while now, you likely have several stakeholders wondering what the hold up is. Investors are getting anxious and your team is wondering if they’ll ever see a final product. At this point, new research and planning are going to be required to see it over the finish line. If your design team doesn’t have the required time and resources to take it on, we can help! 

It might be time to redesign and redevelop your mobile app experience if you’re looking to satisfy the growing needs of your users, remain competitive, and help your business scale. 

We are here to navigate your redesign

A culmination of our experience and core values, here are the detailed steps we’ll be taking when we approach your redesign:

STep 1

Understand & learn

We use strategic workshops to outline clear targets from business and design standpoints. Our client-centric approach allows us to cater to each unique redesign goal. 

Every app is different, and our methods reflect that. Strong collaboration during this stage helps us establish customer demand and product direction, and sets the stage for the remainder of the partnership. 

Workshops are used to understand target demographics, identify pain points, and look for areas of improvement related to user experience, user retention and monetization. 

Step 2

Develop a heuristic evaluation report

A Heuristic Analysis demonstrates the usability of an app and is based off of best design practices used by Apple and Google. This report navigates any barriers that are keeping your app from being the industry leader. 

Through quality assurance (QA) testing, our team is able to provide key insights and targeted feedback on aspects like techstack, scalability, and navigation. The analysis clearly indicates any Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) violations and prioritizes them based on severity and necessity. 

Violation But No Usability Problem 

Superficial Usability Problem 

Minor Usability Problem 

Major Usability Problem 

At this point, you may decide that you have enough information to continue forward on your own. If that’s the case, we won’t be offended! Armed with your Heuristic Report, you and your team can begin implementing the necessary changes to your app. 

If internal resources—time, talent, expertise—don’t support redesigning your app internally, we’re happy to continue on with you from here. These would be our next steps: 

Step 3

Establish a roadmap

With the user journey and goals in hand, we can now start putting a plan in place that maps our way forward. We call this plan the Mobile App Blueprint, and it’s the step-by-step strategy for how we will go about improving your existing product and differentiating it from everything else in the market. 

It is during this stage that our team aims to understand your competitive environment and position you within that space. We will navigate monetization options, detail the required budget, and review Human Interface Guidelines. It is also at this point that we will talk about app features.

Step 4

Design & development

Our expert team of mobile-first designers are deeply rooted in seamless UI integration, material design, and modern design trends. We know that the best designs are core to your brand identity, make your users feel at ease, and inspire loyalty. 

Moreover, our development team is comprised of Swift, Java, and React experts who use well-developed processes and strong teamwork to produce beautiful, timely, well-functioning mobile solutions. 

Together, these teams tackle the task of bringing your product to life.

Step 5

Maintain & enhance

Remember, the mobile app landscape is continually evolving. With new competition daily and frequent technology upgrades, it’s easy to get lost in the noise; adaptability and innovation are crucial moving forward. While this doesn’t mean frequently redesigning your app, it may mean consecutive design updates over the years. 

Ongoing maintenance is required. Take time to read analytics and study your users’ habits—improve upon what works and scrap what doesn’t. Such maintenance may involve periodic software updates, the addition of new features, and bug fixes.


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Our expertise

At MindSea, we have over a decade of experience in mobile-first design. Our app team is well-versed in UX, app, back-end, web, and native development and are driven by the ever-changing nature of the tech industry. 

Through collaboration with our clients, we aim to create digital solutions that lead to a seamless and enjoyable user experience. 

We partner with innovative organizations across North America to build mobile products that drive business value and improve lives. 

We design apps that communicate brand in a way words can’t. With first-class software and thoughtful design, we provide the tools to help companies further elevate and establish themselves in their respective domains. 

Ready to discuss your redesign?