Image showing Reuben Hall and Mike Lovas delivering their video podcast

Our latest guest on Moving Digital Health was Mike Lovas, Director of Design and Innovation, Cancer Digital Intelligence at UHN. Mike joined MindSea CEO Reuben Hall to discuss the experience of cancer patients, as well as innovative tools and solutions driving cancer care forward into the future. In his work leading teams focused on healthcare design and strategy, Mike manages projects ranging from the creation of health applications for patients and providers to new services and spaces in hospitals.  

In 2018, when Mike was diagnosed with cancer, his perspectives on cancer care changed completely.  

“It was very much kind of a pivotal point in my career, where I realized that a lot of the cool innovation work that we’re doing as a consultancy, was getting stuck in research trials and not necessarily seeing the bedside,” said Lovas.  

Mike emphasized the significance of remote patient monitoring for improving cancer care by improving the patient experience. As so many cancer patients spend the vast majority of their time at home, individual scheduled visits add to patient burden while taking more time than is necessary on behalf of their healthcare providers.  

Mike’s team is currently developing asynchronous cancer care solutions that help patients to input their own symptom reporting, take data from their labs and imaging, and send it into a centralized system that can be checked by their provider asynchronously. 

 “It’s fairly simple on the surface of it. But the impacts on patient life are huge, the impacts on the system are huge. And I think it opens up a whole new world of thinking about how to deliver care.” 

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