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The Project

Adam Helps connects neighbours and fosters community-building through charitable giving. We partnered with the Adam Helps team to create an intuitive mobile marketplace experience that connects people with others offering services and support.

When the Adam Helps team approached MindSea, the concept was still just that: an idea. Over the course of 4 months, we used our Blueprint Process to help them establish a clear direction before moving forward with the design, development and launch of their mobile app.

Going From An Idea To A New Brand

While the team at MindSea specializes in mobile app design, we sometimes work on branding with our clients. The Adam Helps team started with nothing more than an idea and relied on our team to help them bring to life their new brand identity and guidelines.

Adam branding

Getting On Board With The Gig Economy

The gig economy has taken the world by storm. This new landscape, elevated by technology, involves people hiring other people to do short-term projects and tasks. According to some studies, by 2020 it's expected that 40 percent of American workers will be independent contractors.

That's massive.

And Adam Helps is accelerating this trend by connecting individuals who need something done with people who can do it. And there’s a bonus: The app also facilitates giving to local charities—a win-win for the whole community.

Adam Gig Economy

Making A Modern Marketplace Fresh & Delightful

From classified magazines for bargain hunters to the CraigsLists and Kijijis of the world, free marketplaces have never screamed community or fun. As we spoke with the Adam Helps team, it became clear that they were passionate about connecting community members to one another, and that the app should be less about the transaction and more about the human connection.

Understanding the team's inspiration pushed us to create a design that was light-hearted, fun and filled with modern illustrations. The Adam Helps team brought in an illustrator to bring the various icons to life which then were integrated throughout the entire app. From the various icons in the app (which we also carried over to the Adam Helps website) to the fun branding on their website, our design team took pride in creating something that users would enjoy opening and experiencing.

Designing For A Diverse Audience

During the Blueprint Process, we quickly recognized a challenge: The app’s audience could range from a 26-year-old Ph.D. candidate who is too busy to walk her dog to a 63-year-old retiree who needs help clearing snow after a storm. As you can imagine, the 26-year-old might have quite different tastes from the 63-year-old.

Thus, we needed to ensure that the UX would be appreciated by both of these users, and everyone in between. In addition to the wide range of users, we also needed to keep in mind the fact that we were designing for two groups. Specifically, we needed to consider the ideal experience for someone looking for work and those who needed a task done.

We worked with Adam Helps on their brand guidelines and aesthetics and came up with a look and feel that our research suggested would resonate with a diverse and two-sided audience. We strived to create an experience that was easy to use with as few taps as possible and making both sides of the marketplace feel like their experience was a fun and intuitive.

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Find work in your area

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Reducing Friction & Taps

When the babysitter cancels only three hours before the show, a parents' stress levels is already high—the last thing they need is a stressful experience trying to find another sitter. So it was important for Adam Helps to provide a frictionless experience. From a simple social login and signup process to straightforward job posting requirements, we made it a priority to limit the taps required to complete any task.

Direct Message Functionality

The development of in-app messaging forced the team to get creative—we wanted to incorporate the Adam Helps brand while giving users a platform that feels familiar. Recognizing that communication between helpers and job posters is a critical function of the app, we needed to create a secure & reliable messaging system. The messaging functionality allows helpers and job posters to privately discuss project details.

Text Messages Text Messages Text Messages
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Our Commitment To Client Success Goes Beyond The Blueprint

MindSea worked closely with the Adam Helps team throughout the entire process, from branding and website design to the design and development of their app.

We love collaborating with ambitious brands who are striving to create beautiful and engaging mobile app experiences. We can help startups turn a concept into a Mobile App Blueprint or turn a design into a functional, intuitive app—our team does it all.

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