Case Study: COEO Fitness

Injecting elegance & positive badassery into a mobile app

The entire COEO (which rhymes with Rodeo) team and community consists of some of the most badass people on the planet. Not only is this group of people passionate about healthy living, crushing goals and turning dreams into reality — they recognize the value of bringing in a team like MindSea to help complement and augment their skills.

When we work with clients, we start by establishing not only empathy for their users but also a better understanding for the world they live in. COEO and MindSea were a match made in heaven as our commitment to Well-Being (one of our core values) lines up exactly with the COEO team’s vision. It lined up so well that we even joined COEO for a group run.

Evolving from fitness fragmentation to human connection

When we first met with the COEO team, we were instantly met with an ambitious vision, aggressive goals and a complicated ecosystem. The existing ecosystem in which instructors built their brands, connected with athletes and generated revenue was quite fragmented and built for a time before the world was more connected.

The goal of COEO has always been to bring together instructors, studios and students all into one platform where connection can happen.

COEO believes that the connection between students and their instructors is the true backbone of the fitness industry. The human connection between these two sides is what allows an athlete to push through a struggle and it’s the students that keep instructors motivated to wake up and help students find results.

Prioritizing human connection in the marketplace

While we have plenty of experience building Marketplace apps, the COEO team has experience in branding, fitness and building community. As such, we began our process with a collaborative approach and figured out priority features, messaging and the ideal user experience.

Once we better understood the problem that COEO was striving to solve, we took a step back and began creating sketches of the experience.

We focused on making it easy for athletes to find their favorite instructors, find new instructors, add classes to their schedules, and keep up with the latest COEO events. Our intention at this stage was to demonstrate ideal usability of the app and how users would experience it from frame to frame. Once we collaborated with COEO and agreed on the specifics of usability, we moved to the last step before design which is the act of crafting wireframes.

Our wireframes go in-depth and show elements of the experience ranging from how users are onboarded into using the app all the way through to the search experience for finding instructors or specific classes.

Adding elegance & the COEO brand to the mix

For over a year, the COEO team had been already growing and building a community of instructors and athletes passionate about health & human connection. The community had established a feeling of empowerment, connection, empathy and passion. The brand aesthetic for COEO was already strong and could be found in everything from fashion to Instagram posts.

From these assets, collaboration and frequent conversations, we were able to turn our initial wireframes into a beautiful experience that brought elegance to a fragmented industry.

Turning ambitious ideas into products the market wants

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