How To Move Beyond Common Design Patterns In 2019

As we design interfaces we typically utilize and rely on design patterns to solve common problems. As we design interfaces we typically utilize and...   Read more »

5 Things Every Designer Can Learn From Playing A Game Of Pickup Basketball

Design and pickup basketball. What could they possibly have in common? And more specifically: What can any web designer, mobile app designer,...   Read more »

Have You Given Your Mobile App A Recent ASO Health Check?

If your app downloads have flatlined, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe your app has been sitting in the Apple App...   Read more »

How To Get Buy In From The C-Suite For A Mobile App (2019)

Mobile apps have proven to be a successful venture for startups, Fortune 500 companies and enterprises across many industries and verticals. The...   Read more »

Mobile App Marketing: What Experts Say Ecommerce Companies Should Know

Not long ago we shared with you the biggest mistakes in ecommerce app design—we talked to several experts about the most common...   Read more »

Six App Lessons After Building 20+ Mobile Apps

Can we tell you a secret? The more you work at something, the better you get at it. Mind blown, eh? Sorry,...   Read more »

Should You Build A Mobile App In 2019? (A Guide For SaaS Brands)

Introduction This post will help you decide if a mobile app is right for you in 2019. When it comes to building...   Read more »

Where Mobile-First SaaS Startups Are Today And Where We Think The Trend Is Headed [Backed By Research]

The rule of thumb for success in any business is to be where your audience is, provide value, and continuously adapt to...   Read more »

Building A Design Culture: A Guide For Tech Startups In 2019

At MindSea, we take pride in what we do. We are committed to creating apps that are well-built, well-designed, and that our...   Read more »

How to Organize a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign in 6 Steps

Taking small amounts of capital from a large number of willing individuals in order to finance a business venture sums up crowdfunding....   Read more »

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