In recent years, mobile app technologies have advanced at unprecedented rates. 

Our exclusive commitment to mobile has resulted in a proven track record for planning, building, and launching mobile apps that succeed. 

To put it simply, mobile is our passion. 

In B2B, more and more companies are turning to digital review platforms to help them find the service provider that’s right for them. Checking out a company’s website can be informative, but reviews highlight detailed, unbiased experiences and more genuine insight into a company’s products and approach. 

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that ranks service providers based on market research and in-depth client feedback. Our reviews on Clutch act as our advocate in getting new clients to understand the quality of the work that we deliver.

On our Clutch profile, you can read about many of the clients we’ve worked with and projects we’ve helped bring to life. And we’re proud to say we’ve maintained 5 stars across the board!

What seems to stand out across all reviews: Clients really appreciate our client-centric approach. 

From Blueprints to redesigns, we focus on understanding our clients and catering our processes to them. This strategy has enabled us to collaborate with some truly awesome organizations and individuals, and maintain happy relationships for years past launch.

Out of over 500 companies featured on the platform, MindSea ranks in the top 5. The secret ingredient that allows MindSea to stand out is our team. 

Our office is filled with talented designers and developers who are committed to planning, building and launching mobile app experiences that drive business value and improve lives. We believe that moving as a team is more powerful than moving as an individual.

To finish off with a bit of humble bragging, we leave you with some of our most recent reviews:

“Everyone who saw the app has been impressed with both the concept and the product.”

“MindSea went above and beyond, and exceeded my expectations.”

“If I didn’t have them onboard to help bring my ideas to light, some products might have never seen the light of day.”

“There’s a feeling that they really want you to be successful and they’re there for you.”

We enjoy sharing the work that we do! For a more inside look into some of our best client projects, check out our case studies. Or if you’re ready to take the next step with your app, let’s chat.

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