Most of the mobile app developers we know are AMAZING at creating great products. From the seamless integrations they build into an on-demand app to the way they make a complex enterprise app run without issues – they do it all very well.

Yet for many great app developers, the biggest challenge isn’t what happens throughout the development process, it’s what happens right before and immediately after they publish and ship an app to the app store.

It’s at this moment, when their work is ready to be shared and used by their ideal audience, that it all comes to a tipping point. All of the time spent researching their customers, designing a great interface and planning their pricing model – comes down to this very moment. The launch. 

Over the last few years, we’ve conducted research and interviewed experts from around the world to help the industry design and develop better apps. One of our earlier posts about what to do before pressing publish on an app was recently turned into a great infographic from the folks at Venngage. I’m excited to share it with you and hope that you can use this visual guide to make sure your next app launch is a successful one:

[Made with Infographic Service Venngage]

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