UX Design and Research

We believe that great design, no matter what you call it, starts with understanding the needs of the people who will use the service or product, and conducting intentional work to build that understanding.

We combine and apply the thinking and techniques from Human-Centered Design (HCD), User-Centered Design (UCD), User Experience (UX), and Service Design. Our full-time product design team has experience delivering full end-to-end design and development projects with this highly effective approach.

Design Research

We begin every design engagement by building a deep understanding of the product or service to be designed, with a focus always on the needs and goals of the people who will be using the product or service. We regularly employ both qualitative and quantitative research methods to generate actionable design insights.

User Experience (UX)

Great design isn’t just about making something look good. It’s important, but we always start our design thinking with how a product or service will work. We employ highly collaborative and iterative working methods to move from ideas and sketches, to fully formed and tested prototypes that are ready for development

Visual Design & Branding

Once we design a product or service that effectively allows users to accomplish their goals, we apply the final polish. We work collaboratively with our clients to create new brand identities for their products, or take existing brand guidelines and apply them to a new app or website to create a unified look and feel.

Before we begin any project, we make sure to understand what, why, and how our clients need to deliver the most impactful product for their users. With over 100 blueprints developed, our process helps define success and is fully adaptable to best fit your needs.

Already have a product or designs?

Try the MindSea Digital Health Check! Our expert Product Designers will objectively evaluate your existing designs, wireframes, prototypes, websites, or native mobile Apps for optimal design and user experience—providing detailed feedback and actionable improvement recommendations.  

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Want to hear a crazy stat?

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a product after a bad experience.

And that number is constantly on the rise. 

This means that products that aren’t optimized for an ideal user experience is at risk of losing 88% of their potential users. 

So if your user experience isn’t built with your users in mind, that’s likely the reason your retention rates are in the dumps. A poor user experience can give the wrong messages to your audience and leave you scratching your head wondering why no one is using your product longer than one day.

But it’s not enough for you to just think about what your audiences ideal experience would be. You actually have to develop a strategic framework, conduct research and use that information to create an experience that delights and leaves your users coming back for more.

Recognize that you’re not Pablo Picasso and the best design will not come to you in isolation. When you’re creating a product, it’s more about the users needs and understanding their behaviors than it is about unlocking a creative epiphany.

Which is why we’ve developed a MASSIVE in-depth guide that highlights Everything Brands Need to Know About Creating A Great User Experience, to not only retain more mobile app users, but also create a product that has value that goes beyond pretty pixels.

Understanding & embracing the importance of User Experience is a way to differentiate your product in the market. In our latest guide we dive into some of the most important factors of User Experience Design:

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