Five Things Startups Need Before Launching A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

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Pop quiz:

What recent approach to building startups has changed the tech industry?

The MVP.

Also known as Minimum Viable Product. 

The term was coined and defined by Frank Robinson and then popularized by authors Steve Blank, and Eric Ries. An MVP is a product with just enough features to gain insight about the product and its future.

If you’re trying to launch a startup or build a mobile app, the theory and product philosophies baked into building an MVP is a startup pot of gold.

The difficult part is creating the right MVP.

But once you do that, you can test assumptions, provide value, and even get actual paying customers who validate your idea.

There are five things that we believe every startup needs to do before launching a Minimum Viable Product:

  1. Conduct Market Research
  2. Conduct Customer Research
  3. Create A Product Roadmap
  4. Conduct User Testing
  5. Create A Product Landing Page

In this guide, you’ll find detailed explanations of the different steps along with real world examples and tutorials to help you execute.

Here are the Five Things Startups Need Before Launching An MVP:

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