At MindSea, we help to create meaningful mobile experiences for real people. Just as human-centered design must be based on real-life users, the ideal app development process requires many humans working together. Our Moving Digital Health podcast features guests who are working at the intersections of thoughtful design, strategic technology, and relationship-based collaboration. Check out these examples of the compelling conversations we’re having on Moving Digital Health—working through the questions and decisions facing today’s digital health creators, developers, and users.

What’s the role of design and UX on healthcare policy?

Juhan Sonin, Creative Director at GoInvo

How are healthcare professionals and emerging tech experts combining forces to inform digital solutions?

Mahshid Yassaei, CEO/founder at

How is the influx of digital health impacting the clinician/patient dynamic?

Loreen Wales, CEO at My Viva Plan

Collaboration is at the heart of human-centered design. Our signature blueprint process is born out of that collaborative ethos, enabling building the best in digital health experiences in order impact to inequalities and drive better outcomes.

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