In 2007, MindSea was founded by Bill Wilson, a mobile app developer with a passion for creating and building great teams. Since the inception, MindSea has grown from a small local app development company into an organization that works with brands around the world and is made up of brilliant app designers, developers and strategists.

Over the last year, MindSea has continued to grow its team, clientele, customer satisfaction and service offering. Most recently, Bill Wilson announced internally that he will be stepping down as CEO and Reuben Hall has been appointed to take on the role of CEO. Reuben is transitioning into this role after being successful as the VP of Product and helping grow MindSea for more than 10 years while leading the UX & design team.

Bill will continue to work closely with MindSea as Board Chair as he begins a new journey focusing on his new startup, SalesRight. Speaking about his new role as Board Chair, Bill expressed that “the most important thing for me is the team, and staying true to our core values of empowerment, mutual respect, well-being, do no harm, and integrity.”  

When asked about his new company, Bill explained that SalesRight is “a SaaS company that helps B2B SaaS sales professionals close late stage custom and enterprise deals by arming them with interactive and intelligent price quotes that increase revenue and enhance the buying experience.”

Bill also pointed to his own professional experience at MindSea as being a key component in the development of the concept for SalesRight: “Over the past few years, MindSea has been selling services using custom tiered pricing similar to how SaaS companies market their products. By providing our clients with a similar experience, we accomplished several things: 1) we provide transparency to our clients about how pricing is structured, 2) we give freedom for our clients to choose what works best for them, and 3) it allows our team to understand what clients really want.” The entire MindSea team is excited for Bill’s new company and chapter and look forward to watching what’s to come.

We recently had a chat with our new CEO at MindSea about these changes and what the future holds. Here’s a recap of some of those questions and answers shedding light into what the future of MindSea looks like:

What are you most excited about going into this new role?

Reuben: I’m excited about dialling into the team and culture. My challenge is to support and empower all the talented people we have so they can do their best work. There’s a big opportunity for us to level up our communication so we can all benefit from the skill and experience of each individual. I’m also looking forward to building stronger relationships with our clients and understanding what’s most important to them so we can excel where it matters.

What type of companies does MindSea serve best?

Reuben: Our best partnerships are with organizations that understand the value of building apps the right way: quality code with great design and user experience. These companies include high growth tech, startups with product market fit, SaaS products, and entrepreneurs with domain expertise.

When we combine our mobile expertise with companies who understand their customers and their business, we build great products together.

What innovations are going to help MindSea win in the future?

Reuben: We think there’s a better way to build hybrid apps without compromising user experience. The conventional cross-platform approach of writing code once using web technologies and deploying to iOS and Android has given hybrid apps a bad name because they are generally slow, buggy, and don’t feel like native apps. We’re evaluating ways to share code such as API & business logic across multiple platforms while maintaining the high standard of native UX that our users and clients expect from a MindSea app.

Another thing we’re continually innovating on is our process. Every time we design and build an app we’re finding new ways to do things better and more efficiently.

Is there anything you’re excited about that we should know?

Reuben: We’ve learned a lot this year, we have a better understanding of who our ideal client is, how to connect with them and how to deliver what their users want. We have some exciting builds we are just getting started. Some are big, ambitious projects in the health tech space and others are more niche, targeted apps that are set to disrupt their industries. We have some great new talent, and overall 2019 is going to be a big year for MindSea.

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