MindSea Mobile Hackathon

Interested in building mobile applications? Join us for a day of creativity and learning! Developers, designers, and creators of all stripes are welcome. We want to share our enthusiasm for building apps in a low-stress, judgement-free environment. Everyone with an interest is welcome, regardless of skill level or experience.

The event will take place at The Hub Halifax (1673 Barrington Street, 2nd Floor) on Saturday, November 16. We’ll be starting at 9:00 am with a quick overview of Android, iOS, and/or mobile web development. If you already know the drill, show up at 10:00 am to join a team and get hacking. We’ll provide some time-appropriate ideas for projects, or you can bring your own and go to town.

Food and refreshments will be provided, and people will be available to help if you get stuck. Just bring your own computer or other instruments of creativity.

To sign up, please join the Facebook event or email us and let us know you’re coming. Those wanting to do iOS development will need an Apple computer running Mac OS X 10.8.4 or later. Please download the SDK for the platform of your choice before arriving. Links are provided below.

To get a head start, please download the development tools for your preferred platform:



Mobile Web

Hope to see you there!

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