When it comes to app development, coming up with the idea is the easy part. The difficult part is looking for qualified talent to partner with to bring your vision to life. 

For the build to be successful, the collaboration between the visionaries and the builders needs to be cohesive and streamlined. 

There’s a lot that goes into deciding on the right path to app development. 


For starters, are you planning on outsourcing to an agency? This is a more efficient and cost-effective option for many businesses. Most iOS app development and Android development agencies have expert teams of designers, developers, quality assurance engineers, and product managers who have worked together on multiple projects and can fill the gaps in your team. 

Next question: Are you building an iOS or Android app? Different skill sets are needed for different platforms. For example, if you’re planning on developing an iOS app, you’re going to need a team with lots of iOS apps in their portfolio and experience launching in the Apple App Store. 

And finally, what’s your budget? It can’t be too tight. If you want the best of the best to build your app, price cannot be the greatest determining factor when it comes to developing your mobile app. 

Now that you are equipped with the basics, here’s how you know you’ve found the right team to help you build and launch your mobile app:

Their Clients Give Them Rave Reviews

The easiest way to determine whether you should partner with a mobile app development team is to look at reviews from past clients—and more importantly, whether clients have worked with them more than once or would hire them again. 

You can check out websites such as G2, Capterra and Clutch to find reviews of mobile app developers and how to connect with them. 

On Clutch, for example, you can see pricing, team size and where the team is located, along with their focus, portfolio, reviews and verification status.

It’s important to dig deep on sites like Clutch to ensure you know these key insights about the company before reaching out. 

They Are Great Communicators With Strong Organization & Product Management

On any kind of team, there needs to be strong communication among all team members—and even more so on a mobile app development team. 

As app dev teams work through each phase of a build, they have to communicate effectively to ensure that each task is accounted for and accomplished.

Within any team are lots of different—and sometimes strong—personalities. The team members you are working with to bring your vision to life have to mesh well and work harmoniously. Think of a sports team: Every player may be extremely talented, but if they don’t work well together, the team won’t perform to its full potential. 


Each team member must understand and respect deadlines. If one team member is unable to meet a deadline, they should communicate this to the rest of the team and the client so the workflow does not get disrupted. 

How do you assess this? Ask about their workflows and processes when reviewing their portfolio.

Team members should also be able to work on their own without consistent monitoring or shadowing during their tasks (i.e., there isn’t a manager or coordinator whose job it is to keep watch over the team members).

Not only should the team be great at collaborating and communicating with each other, but they should be excellent communicators with their clients. 

When first talking to a prospective team, pay attention to how they perceive you and communicate with you. They shouldn’t cut you off when you speak, for example, or talk down to you. They should treat you as a partner, and there should be mutual respect.

For example, at MindSea, we want to be a true partner with your team and work together to build something extraordinary. 

They Have The Right Skill Sets (And Continue To Refine Them) 

You obviously need an app dev team with the technical skill set that matches the app you are creating. But beyond experience with iOS or Android, there are other crucial skills you need to look for when deciding on a team. 

Are they stronger in native or hybrid builds? Do they offer both? Can their team also handle research and user testing, project management, and quality assurance? Be sure you take into account the end-to-end process when speaking to a prospective agency.

And ask for proof. This proof can come in the form of designations, certifications, reviews and their portfolio. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Even if a team is decorated with rave reviews and oodles of certifications, you also want to know that they’re continuing to refine their skills. Instead of receiving a designation and labelling themselves as experts, they are constantly seeking more knowledge and expertise. 

They Know What They Do Really Well

When choosing the right people to bring your app idea to life, you need a team that is comfortable with the market you’re trying to break into. 

There are hundreds of types of apps out there: social apps, music apps, video, health and wellness, tracking, training, and more—literally, hundreds.

For example, if you are creating an app for health and wellness, turn to MindSea. We focus on health and wellness as a specialized niche.

Teams should be able to provide a collection of completed projects and explain how they came together. Ask the team to walk you through each step of their app planning, design and development process in detail, dig into their portfolio on sites like G2 and Clutch, look for a case study section on the app dev team’s website. 

Secure Your Vision With The Best Mobile App Development Team

It doesn’t matter how good your app idea is if you hire the wrong team to build it.

You need to partner with a team that treats you as an equal and has outstanding reviews, strong communication skills, the right app-building skill set (and the portfolio to prove it), and a growth mindset—all wrapped into one cohesive team.

Maybe our team here at MindSea is the right partner for you. Get in touch with us, and let’s get to work creating something beautiful.

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