Chronicle Herald App Wins Second Place in INMA Global Competition

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The International News Media Association (INMA) awarded The Chronicle Herald app a second-place finish in their global competition on Tuesday night. The awards ceremony was held in San Francisco during the 84th Annual INMA World Congress.

Designed by our core team at MindSea, the app competed in the “Best New Mobile App or Web Site” category for regional/local publications with print circulation of less than 300,000 or an online audience of less than 3 million unique visitors per month.


Apple first recognized The Chronicle Herald app in the App Store “Best of 2013” list alongside 5 other apps from major global publishers such as the NY Times and Rolling Stone Magazine. However, the INMA World Congress award is the first time one of our newspaper apps has been formally recognized by the news industry.

What makes this newspaper app so special? Working with The Chronicle Herald team, we designed an app to solve two major challenges that most newspapers are still grappling with:

  1. How to give mobile users a brilliant news experience with easy content navigation, strong visuals, photo and video galleries, and breaking news alerts.
  2. How to grow mobile revenue through advanced monetization strategies related to Apple newsstand, integrated print and in-app subscriptions, as well as new ad approaches and formats.

All too often, those two challenges are at odds with each other. To create one app that solved both challenges, we applied our Blueprint Process and designed the app based on business goals, user experience, and technology considerations. View the video case study or download The Chronicle Herald App from the App Store.

In closing, congratulations to The Chronicle Herald for winning this award! It’s fantastic to see such industry recognition and we’re honoured to be a part of the story.

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