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Canada spends more of its GDP on healthcare than the average among its fellow Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries, but it also has something to show for it — a longer life expectancy. While government policy certainly plays a role in longevity, we can also look to Canadian digital healthcare leaders to develop innovative solutions that improve health and mitigate healthcare costs. Good news: There are a growing number of health tech companies doing exciting work and changing the way we approach digital health in Canada. We’ve like to share snapshots of 5 Canadian Digital Health Companies that caught our eye recently.

GenXys, Vancouver, BC

Their Mission: With its precision prescribing software, GenXys is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare — improving patient safety and treatment response while reducing healthcare costs.

Their Work & Why It Matters: When a drug therapy isn’t properly prescribed, adverse reactions, unsatisfied patients and wasted medications can follow. Based on their individual genetics, different people will respond to a drug or its dosing differently.

GenXys’ medical decision support solutions use pharmacogenomic data and a patient’s health record to help a provider understand how that patient is likely to respond to a drug, enabling personalized — and safer — care.

Curatio, Vancouver, BC

Their Mission: Curatio believes “everyone should have the support, information and tools they need to achieve their best health outcomes.” The company connects patients through private social networks.

Their Work & Why It Matters: When patients with similar experiences and goals connect, they can help each other. Research indicates that social support can help drive adherence and engagement and ultimately improve health outcomes.

Available in more than 100 countries and in 20 languages, Curatio stands out as a privacy- and regulatory-compliant platform. Curatio helps augment an organization’s patient support programming. Patients on the platform are connected with other patients and benefit from the solution’s tracking tools, personalized rewards and curated content as well.”

Think Research, Toronto, ON

Their Mission: Think Research, buoyed by the digital health boost attributed to the pandemic, is seeking to “organize the world’s health knowledge so that everyone gets the best care.”

Their Work & Why It Matters: Engaged in acute, primary and long-term care, Think Research builds tech solutions that aid in the clinical decision-making process. For example, its Order Sets solution provides standardized clinical pathways to streamline workflows so that doctors can treat patients faster while reducing costs. Other products help streamline progress notes, referrals, forms and more., Toronto, ON

Their Mission: is focused on building products “that solve actual problems in the industry using state-of-the-art technologies.”

Their Work & Why It Matters: During the pandemic, medical personnel faced ever-changing information — and, like everyone else, a heap of misinformation — as data emerged and protocols evolved. Doctors wanted straightforward answers to their questions. Getting answers is where Tali shines.

The information retrieval chatbot is designed to understand questions as a person would ask them and then, help people find information faster and then answer their questions in natural language. The ability to ask a question through online chat and get a simple answer can save time and, especially for patients, aid comprehension.

Inkblot Therapy, Toronto, ON

Their Mission: At the core of Inkblot Therapy is the idea that mental health services should be convenient, affordable and confidential. The health tech company seeks to eliminate geographical barriers and help people make human connections that enable a more meaningful, joyful life.

Their Work & Why It Matters: Inkblot understands the vital nature of mental health services. Research indicates that virtual/video therapy is just as effective as in-person, meaning a person’s location doesn’t have to influence who their counselor is.

Sessions are significantly cheaper than most therapy services. And whether a person is coping with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or other mental health concerns, Inkblot matches them with the licensed provider who’s best for them and their needs. In addition, Inkblot works with organizations to address and implement mental health strategies for employees.

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