Once again, Clutch, the Washington, D.C. rating and review firm that features development firms and agencies around the world, has highlighted MindSea in their annual app development company awards. Thanks to the positive reviews from our happy clients, MindSea has been named a top boutique app development company for 2019.

Clutch researches and assesses companies on several quantitative and qualitative factors, with the most important component being verified client reviews.

In Clutch’s 2019 Leaders list, MindSea was named among the top boutique app development companies and is currently ranked as one of the top app development companies in Canada, based on these reviews.

While getting listed on Clutch is free, and there are hundreds of development companies and agencies listed, only the most highly recommended companies are recognized each year as industry leaders.

Our latest 5-star Clutch review came from an iOS app development project called Vapium that our team collaborated on in March:

“Our experience was focused on building an iOS app, so I highly recommend MindSea to anyone who is doing a similar project. However, MindSea is also very knowledgeable about Android and other software. Some overseas companies are cheaper, but there might be communication issues, and it’s hard to get the same quality. MindSea offers very good value.”

And another 5-star review was from a UX and UI design and app prototyping project:

“Our team is extremely happy with the prototype MindSea helped us develop. It’s one of the most exciting projects we’ve worked on in a long time. We’ve also received a lot of positive feedback from users during testing, who are eager for the app to go live. The strategy MindSea laid out for us was very thorough, yet easy to understand and well received by our customers, members, and internal executives. We’re very optimistic about how this product is going to transform our business and the program as a whole. As a result, our biggest partner has prioritized our program as their top initiative for 2019 and 2020, giving us a lot of visibility.”

The entire MindSea team is excited to see our hard work paying off and we’re beyond happy that our clients are pleased with the work we’re doing.

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