A poignant quote by psychotherapist and motivational speaker, Richard Carlson, says:

Reflection is one of the most underused yet powerful tools for success.

And today, we’re taking a moment to do just that.

This year brought with it lots of new opportunities, clients, memories, learning experiences, team members and accomplishments. We occupied our time by expanding our reach in the mobile health space, building upon our growing skill sets with new clients in new industries, and building innovative products that are leaving a lasting impact, globally. 


While our team is eager to embrace everything that 2020 has to offer, we’d like to first take a moment to reflect on all that’s happened in 2019…  

Last year marked MindSea’s 10 year anniversary. Reaching a decade in any industry is no small feat and it was a major contributing factor in making 2019 one of our biggest years yet!

The last 12 months really set the stage for MindSea moving forward into a new decade. 

Our team was as busy as ever with lots of new and innovative client projects. One of our favourite projects from the past year was an app called PsychScope

PsychScope is an app designed to help youth dealing with depression manage their mental illness. The creators of PsychScope came to us with a passion for mental health and a vision to create the ultimate digital self-care app. Through this process, our team gained valuable insight and experience on what goes into developing and designing mHealth apps.

The tech industry is ever-changing, but we’ve managed to continuously maintain momentum, stay highly-motivated through every project, and show the world exactly what a mobile app development and design agency from Canada can really do. 

Another notable moment for MindSea was being named one of 2019’s Top Boutique App Development Companies by Clutch. Our team was honoured to have our efforts reaffirmed and our work recognized. 

With all that 2019 had to offer, it’ll be interesting to see what the year ahead has in store. 

Thank you to our stakeholders, clients, affiliates, followers and team for their continued support throughout this year. 

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Here’s to another great year and an even more ambitious decade!

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