Waterlogue for Windows 10

Waterlogue for Windows 10

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Creativity at your fingertips!

Waterlogue for Windows 10

Waterlogue by Tinrocket captures the essence of your photos in brilliant, liquid color.

MindSea worked with Tinrocket to bring this award winning iOS app to the Microsoft Windows 10 platform. MindSea also provides ongoing customer support for the app’s loyal users.


  • Waterlogue by Tinrocket transforms your photos into luminous watercolors.
  • Watch Waterlogue by Tinrocket paint as it transforms your images.
  • Share your Waterlogues on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr.
  • Create an artist’s journal or notebook with your Waterlogues.
  • Create beautiful, high res, frameable art for your home.
  • See the world like an artist! You don’t need to paint to create beautiful watercolor images.
  • Customize your watercolors with 14 pre-set styles.
  • Image export at high resolution.
  • Control borders, lightness, and detail.
  • Includes example images.
  • From Tinrocket, the creator of creative, artistic, and inspiring photo apps.

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Waterlogue for Windows 10

Whether you are taking a picture of the sunrise, a hike in the woods, or getting creative with selfies, see the world like an artist with Waterlogue for Windows 10. Your next masterpiece is only a tap away.

What people are saying about Waterlogue

  • “I am shocked by how beautiful it is.” —Garance Doré
  • “…with Waterlogue, it’s clear that there’s a very thoughtful human touch behind the app’s painterly algorithms.” —WIRED
  • “Watercolor apps may not be a new idea, but Waterlogue does it in a gorgeous, intuitive way, and it’s quite a pleasure to use.” —AppAdvice.com
  • “It goes beyond typical Photoshop watercolor filters because it has more visual intelligence, and more of the feel of the real paint.” —James Gurney, Artist and Author of Dinotopia.
  • “Where others have failed, Waterlogue nails it.” —PatrickSaunders.com
  • “Waterlogue turns photos into beauteous works of art….Gentle, yet powerful.” —Buzzfeed
  • “Waterlogue is the app the design world is obsessed with.” —Harper’s Bazaar

“We receive requests, daily, to bring Waterlogue to other platforms, so we’re really excited to have worked with Microsoft to make this release possible.” —John Balestrieri, President, Tinrocket

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