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A personalized mobile app that helps people better understand and manage their depression while leaning on encouragement from their support group.

Designed by psychiatrists, PsychScope is your guide in the battle against depression. Learn about the illness, and discover ways to cope. Build your personal support team, and receive encouragement every step of the way. Share tips with your supporters and help them understand the best way to assist you along your journey.

The World Health Organization estimates that depression affections 300 million people worldwide. “Mental illnesses are so prevalent that gaining proper and timely access to psychiatric treatment is nearly impossible.” Waiting lists can be months long, and weekly appointments are not always enough to combat serious mental health issues. Depression is pervasive and present on a daily basis – the treatment should be too.

PsychScope leverages technology to fill the gaps in the treatment of depression. Use the app to track symptoms, learn about the illness, discover strategies for coping, and stay connected with your support team.


Core Features

  • Record your mood and sleep patterns to accurately track your symptoms.
  • Complete missions and learn strategies for coping with your illness.
  • Build your support team of close friends and family who want to understand your journey and encourage you along the way.
  • Create tips for your support team so they can learn what to do and what not to do when you’re feeling down.
  • Share data about your mood and sleep patterns with your support team.
  • Receive daily motivational tips.
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