Pocketbooth Party

Pocketbooth Party

Why rent a photobooth when you can own one? Pocketbooth Party turns your iPad into a customizable DIY photo booth for your next house party, wedding, bar mitzvah, corporate event, birthday party, graduation party, or backyard gathering. Based on the award-winning Pocketbooth iPhone app, Pocketbooth Party is designed to be used with groups both large and small. Everything you need is included – no pesky in-app purchases. Simply download the app and you’re ready to go!


Personalize Pocketbooth Party to complement your event with a selection of booth skins, photo filters, and custom text. Both the photobooth skin and the photos you take can display a blurb of text you create.


If you have an AirPrint printer, photos can be automatically printed as you take them — just like a real photobooth. You can also print photos after the fact from the Gallery. Or, if you’d prefer to order professionally-printed photos, there’s an option for that as well. Order single prints or the entire set of photos from your event with the click of a button. Printed photos make for a great album or thank you notes for your guests.


All the photos taken can be automatically shared online so guests can view the photos from home, share them, and even order professional prints.

Party Mode

Once you’ve configured the booth to your liking, you can lock it down. Turning on Guided Access mode removes the configuration buttons from the interface and locks the app down so no one can fiddle with the settings or leave the app. This is especially useful if the app is running unattended.

You can pass the iPad around at your party, but we recommend finding a spot for it to live during your party. You can stand it up on a table or shelf, but the more industrious among you can mount the iPad on a wall or purchase a stand.

Use the Gallery link to set up a sharing/viewing station on a separate iPad or computer. That keeps the line moving and ensures maximum participation.


  • 12 booth skins
  • 10 photo filters
  • 8 photo layouts
  • Auto-print (requires iOS8)
  • Custom text for booth skin
  • Custom text for photos
  • Optional gallery upload to the cloud for sharing
  • Order professional prints
  • Screen lock to make sure no one leaves the app
  • Works with bluetooth camera remotes
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