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Lunatik Rewards

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The Evolution of Social Commerce is here!

Welcome to LUNATIK REWARDS -The World’s 1st Word-Of-Mouth Mobile Commerce & Rewards Platform For The Social Generation.

REWARDS turns our biggest fans into mobile brand ambassadors on-the-go, anywhere and anytime.

Here’s how: Anyone who sports LUNATIK gear knows that our products are conversation starters and have a way of selling themselves. Now we’ve made being a trendsetter even sweeter. It’s simple. Become a REWARDS member and convert a LUNATIK sale. You’ll earn a cash commission just for selling our gear and the customer will get a discount just for buying it through you.

LUNATIK emerged from disruption. It was founded on taking risks, making the improbable possible and listening to the crowd. LUNATIK is designed for the mobile, connected and technology savvy user. We are obsessed, sometimes even crazy about everything we create. At LUNATIK, we look for — and find — unseen connections between materials, categories and experiences. That’s transformational design. Making products that change the way people live and move. LUNATIK is designed by Scott Wilson + MNML.

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