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Video Analysis App for Elite Coaching

Up my Game

A video analysis app for both Athletes and Coaches.

Whatever your sport, start using UpMyGame’s video analysis app to connect with top coaches and to find drills to better sport skills and training. Supported by amateur and professional coaches, the UpMyGame platform strives to put the athlete first and in control of their athletic achievements. By giving the athlete access to personal empowerment and technical support, UpMyGame is a tool that inspires growth at all levels of sport.

Easy to use, advanced technology bridges the gap between athletes and coaches. Video and Drawing tools open the lines of communication enabling the coach to effectively provide feedback and offer encouragement and advice.

With over 50 sports being reviewed and shared from archery to yoga, convenient sharing functionality breaks down barriers and provides access to advice that is otherwise difficult and expensive to attain.



  • Record Video – get the most from your training. Record your form to better understand your technique
  • Share and Review – Purchase an Elite Review for feedback from a professional coach or share with the community for free
  • Improve – apply the feedback and become the best!
  • Filtering – filter your community preferences by sport using our filter tool to maximize your UpMyGame experience


  • Record Video – Help your athletes improve quicker. Record their form so they can see their technique.
  • Give Feedback – Powerful review and analysis tools will transform how you give feedback to your athlete
  • Make Change – Apply to be an Elite Coach and earn money while you provide valuable feedback to athletes
  • Coach’s Toolkit – Our toolkits for reviews include Pencil – freely draw on your video to provide visual feedback; Angles – add angles to demonstrate proper form and technique; Clear – removes all annotations from the screen; and, Dual – record or add another video to compare side-by-side.


Put your video in the hands of a leading coach in your sport and get valuable, personalized feedback with suggestions on how you can improve. Our Elite Reviews are performed by Olympic-level and major league professional coaches.


  • Record Video – record your video, share it and tap into the skills and advice you need from the UpMyGame community, our coaches or your fellow athletes.
  • Review Video – Providing positive feedback is the best way for an athlete to improve. When you record a review, it will capture audio and all movements on the screen; this includes scrubbing through video timeline, drawing, angles and dual video.
  • Share Video – Share your video and get feedback on your skills and training from an Elite Coach or the UpMyGame community

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