Catapults With Foes

Catapults With Foes

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Some members of the MindSea team participated in the Halifax Game Jam 2012 and helped build this awesome game for the iPad.

★★★★ Rated 4 Stars in the App Store.
Have you ever wanted to launch boulders with giant catapults to destroy towers around the world, across the country, or down the street? The wait is over!

Catapults With Foes is a turn-based strategy game where the battlefield is the real world. Start a game with a friend and your towers are placed at your real life location. As you play, your catapult is located wherever you are, allowing for clever maneuvers!

Team Tower Awesome first developed the game in a 72 hour period at Halifax Game Jam 2012, and now it is available for all to enjoy.

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