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Hire Local Help For Any Task You Need Assistance With

Whether you call it a job, an errand, or a task, there is someone out there who is able to help you with what you need.

Adam Helps is an app that helps connect you with someone to help with a wide variety of different tasks!

The Human Connection

Using the Adam Helps App you can connect with neighbourhood helpers to help with tasks like Lawn Care, Snow Removal, Babysitting or Meal Prep.

Simple and Straight Forward

Completing your tasks are only a swipe and a few keystrokes away from getting the support and help you need.

Download Adam and find a neighbour to help you today.

“Mindsea combines the technical capabilities of an app firm with the friendly customer service you get from your local coffee shop. Their team is competent, friendly, and always available for your questions throughout the process. We’ve truly enjoyed working with Mindsea.”

Adam Mcleod, Founder, Adam Helps
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