Everyday, photos etched with Etchings app are uploaded to Instagram. This really excites us! We love browsing these photos and seeing the unique eye catching art that gets produced every day. To showcase the amazing creative community that has developed around Etchings, the Instagram account @etchingsappawards was created. The goal with Etchings App Awards is to highlight some of our favourite Etchings and to encourage our users to further engage with the app and each other.

Want to be Showcased?

Everyday, we search Etchings related hashtags such as #etchings, #etchingsapp and #etchingsappawards on Instagram to find a showcase-worthy photo. Only appropriate and eye catching photos make the cut. Once a favourite photo is selected it is featured across all of our social networks. We then follow the creator of the photo so that we don’t miss future Etchings that they post. If you’d like to boost your chances of being showcased, simply tag your etched photos with #etchings and #etchingsappawards, and don’t forget to give @etchings and @etchingsappawards a follow on Instagram.

Download Etchings if you haven’t already and start sharing your creations on Instagram for your chance to be showcased.

To see some examples of how people are using Etchings, here are a few featured members of the Etchings App Awards community:

  • Kathleen Smith, @kmarysmith, has a keen fondness for fire hydrants.


  • Stanislav Smirnov, @larsjohanson, shares amazing images from St. Petersburg, Russia.


  • Sue, @puurrple, is a traditional artist who believes that the art of creation is like a drug, as she quotes Henry Moore in her Instagram bio.


Why We Do This

Re-sharing and showcasing the talent of the Etchings community is important because without it there wouldn’t be anything to browse and enjoy. Engaging with and encouraging people to create, share, like, and comment on each others’ content helps build the Etchings community. We are working together to create an engaged creative community, and we think that is awesome.

If you use Etchings, follow @etchings and @etchingsappawards on Instagram and let us know! We’ll be happy to follow you back and you may even get a photo featured and shared! 🙂