November was a busy month at MindSea. We had lots of work to do, but managed to make time for some special events.

ICE Awards

MindSea Ice Awards

For 2013, the ICE Awards included a new Mobile Application or Website category. We submitted four apps to this category, and were overjoyed to have each of them recognized. MindSea received a Gold award for Etchings, two Silver awards for Transit 360 and Nocturne: Art At Night 2013, and one Merit award for East Coast Music Awards 2013.

A huge thank you to the ICE organization for recognizing our work, and to the East Coast Music Association and Nocturne teams. It’s always easier to make an app stand out when working with great clients.

Mobile Hackathon

MindSea Mobile Hackathon

On November 16th, MindSea invited anyone interested in mobile app development to The Hub Halifax for a day of learning and creation. It kicked off with separate tutorial sessions for Android (led by Mike Burke), iOS (led by John Arnold) and mobile web (led by Gavin Anderegg).

After the presentations, teams were formed and the real hacking began. Some teams hit the ground running, building on projects that were already in development. Others started with the basics, coding their first apps from scratch.

Throughout the day there were many crashes and bugs, but they were all resolved using a mix of teamwork, persistence, and Stack Overflow. Amanda Somers designed some great icons and artwork to add visual polish to the apps, and everyone had an ample helping of the boatload of food provided. We also had a great view of the Parade of Lights.

At the end of the event, seven app demos were presented, such as:

  • a compass which points toward the nearest source of donairs;
  • an alarm clock which modifies your wake-up time depending on the weather; and
  • an interactive map displaying information about all parks in Halifax.

Check out the MindSea Mobile Hackathon page for more information about the event. If you participated and would like your app listed there, please contact us.