The world we live in today moves very quickly. Our time is valuable—when we want something done, we don’t expect to wait around for it.

Why On-Demand Apps?

Back in the day, Apple coined the phrase, “There’s an app for that.” And it could not be more true today. Whether it’s food delivery, taxi services or household chores, there’s an app (or sometimes several) that can help you accomplish nearly any task.

Society is now fully accustomed to this new efficiency. Being able to hand redundant, time-consuming tasks over to someone else is more than a convenience; for many consumers, it’s a must. As such, growth in this app category is booming, yet there’s still so much untapped potential—just take a look at the chart below.

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On-Demand Investments

The Challenges of Building On-Demand Apps

  • Multi-User Consideration 

    Depending on the type of services provided, you may need multiple apps and/or interfaces to get the job done. There’s the admin back-end that you will need as the app manager, and then you must consider the needs of the customer. In some cases, this requires a different interface; in other cases, an entirely separate app altogether.

  • Multi-Layer Functionalities 

    Does your app need maps, payment capabilities or a chat feature? All app integrations like these must function quickly and seamlessly to maintain the pace of delivery your customers expect.

  • Business Model 

    How the app will make money needs to be clearly mapped out. You must have a plan for ensuring enough demand to stay profitable and for keeping up in the case that demand outpaces your expectations—all without sacrificing customer experience.

Further Considerations

What approach you take in screening your workers and customers will depend on your business model. Typically, with these types of apps, anyone can sign up to be a service provider for your offered services and anyone can request the service, but there should be some structure put in place. One easy way to help manage this would be to have a ratings and review section where customers can recommend who to hire and service providers can share which customers are best to work for.

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