Smartphone usage is on the rise globally. Everything we want to know, hear or see can be found in the palm of our hand, and access to daily news is now instantaneous.

Why News & Media Apps

Traditional forms of communication, such as print newspapers and magazines, do not have the market penetration they once did. We no longer leisurely flip through a newspaper while drinking our morning coffee. To keep up with the speed of our modern lifestyles, we consume our news on the go, scrolling through newsfeeds during our commute to work.

With apps, we can access our news—whether it be politics, economics, pop culture or otherwise—24/7, wherever and whenever we want.

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The Challenges of Building Media & News Apps

  • Competition 

    There are tons of news and media apps in the app store, and many have a long-standing reputation for delivering news online and in print. Strategic marketing and differentiating features will help determine your app’s success.

  • Monetization 

    How to price your app is also an important consideration. News and media apps have the best shot at successfully using a subscription pricing strategy, but careful positioning is key.

Further Considerations

High speed is crucial to a user-friendly news and media app. News is reported as it happens and people want to access it just as quickly. A high-functioning, fast-loading app is the best way to keep your users happy. And an app that’s easy to navigate will ensure news can be seamlessly filtered based on each user’s individual needs.

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Our unique app development offering begins with our mobile blueprint. In just 3 weeks, we can deliver a fully mapped-out plan for your app build.


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With that, you’ll have everything you need to bring your vision to life!

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