With a couple of clicks, you can buy clothing, books, sporting equipment and basically anything else you might want without having to step foot in a store. Online shopping is a completely natural, modern-day convenience that has become increasingly mobile.

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Retail E-Commerce Sales Worldwide from 2014 to 2021 (in Billion US Dollars)

The Challenges of E-Commerce Apps

  • Competition 

    From boutique shops to big box stores, buy and sell to mass retail, there are so many online stores competing for consumers’ attention. The challenge is building trust and maintaining loyalty among your users.

  • Personalization 

    There is a lot of consumer data managed and stored in e-commerce apps. It’s important to determine how to effectively use that data to target and engage consumers.

  • Security 

    Keeping consumer information protected and combatting hacking attempts will be an ongoing task for your development team.

Further Considerations

Consumers typically use their mobile phones on the go and have high expectations when it comes to ease of use. Forcing your customers to input redundant information for each and every transaction or to embark on a scavenger hunt to find a particular product is a no-no. Simple navigation, a safe way to store key information and a quick checkout process are features to prioritize.

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