As we discovered when building a mobile app for Proposify, people are finding it more important than ever to have well-functioning software they can use to complete business-related tasks on their mobile devices.

Why B2B SaaS Apps?

SaaS software is already one step ahead of traditional desktop software programs—it’s easier to use and more affordable, and all the data reside online so they’re accessible to team members. When SaaS is built for mobile, it’s a whole other ball game. You can integrate your SaaS app with third-party apps and complete regular business activities with ease.

The market is also planning for the SaaS app takeover. Many companies have already made the shift to 100 percent SaaS applications in the workplace, and 73 percent of companies predict they will fall into that category as early as 2020.

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Companies Will Soon Be Running Purely On SaaS

The Challenges of Building B2B SaaS Apps

  • Pricing 

    You need to really understand your business model to determine the best pricing strategy. Does the value support the price? Does the price support quick growth? Does the price cover the cost of development? There are many considerations.

  • Complex Functional Requirements 

    The functional needs of a software app for businesses are quite substantial. Think of all the different groups of people using this software and what they might need—storage, collaboration functionality, integrations with other software, etc. You’ll have to consider all these factors as you plan and build your app.

  • Customer Retention 

    It’s important to acquire users quickly and, even more important, retain those customers. A proper balance between acquisition and retention is one that must be worked out for the app to succeed long term.

Further Considerations

Many B2B SaaS organizations start with a desktop app and are later pressured by their customers to make a mobile app too. If want to build a SaaS app that meets the needs of your audience, it’s important to take the appropriate steps to better understand your customer and ensure that your app experience is optimized from Day One.

If you’re not sure how to even begin identifying the right features for your app, get in touch with us and we’ll show you how we helped the B2B SaaS company Proposify build a mobile app experience that their users love.

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