Both the year and the decade are drawing to a close. This year brought with it lots of new opportunities, clients, memories, learning experiences, team members and accomplishments. While the team at MindSea is eager to jump into the new,  we see the importance of taking a moment to reflect on all that’s happened in 2019.  

This year marked MindSea’s 10 year anniversary. Reaching a decade in any industry is no small feat. This was a primal force in gearing up for what has been one of our biggest years yet.

The last 12 months have helped set the stage for MindSea moving forward. Our team was as busy as ever with lots of projects in the works. This included testing the waters and building on skills with a variety of new projects, products, designs, and industries. There was never a dull moment in the office. 

In navigating such a situational and ever-changing industry like tech, the team solidified our position in certain landscapes and discovered potential in others. We kept up the pace and sustained an incredible level of motivation throughout every project. 

A notable moment for MindSea was being named one of 2019’s Top Boutique App Development Companies by Clutch. Our team was honoured to have their work recognized. This moment reaffirmed the company that our efforts are resonating and serving our audiences well.

With another year in the books for the MindSea, it is interesting to contemplate on what the next year has in store. We want to extend a thank you to our stakeholders, clients, affiliates, followers and team for their continued support throughout this year. Here’s to another great year and an even more ambitious decade.